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Jennifer Kesse: Missing woman's family settles lawsuit for police records, continues search for answers

Kesse grew up in Tampa. She disappeared in 2006.
Posted at 10:21 PM, Mar 21, 2019

BRADENTON, Fla. — The parents of Jennifer Kesse have settled a lawsuit against police to finally get access to records related to her disappearance. But, it wasn't easy for them to get here.

Jennifer Kesse is from Tampa, she grew up her and her parents still ive in the Tampa Bay Area. Jennifer vanished in January of 2006 from her condo in Orlando.

"Today is a huge day. We've worked over 2.5 years for this. When you have the opportunity as a family to get into police records on any level, you have a better chance of somehow seeing something differently that wasn't seen," said Drew Kesse, Jennifer's father.

Joyce and Drew Kesse filed a lawsuit against the Orlando Police Department to get the police records. The settlement states the couple will pay nearly $19,000 to get those records — $18,648.24 to be exact.

The enormous cost is for review, redaction and production of investigative materials.

The Kesse family says they will give the records to private investigators.

"This is the best chance, I think that we've had in a very long time for Jennifer to be found," said Drew Kesse.

The settlement agreement stated, "The city of Orlando and the Orlando Police Department recognize the genuine desire of the Kesse family to obtain the investigative materials and wish to allow them the access what they seek in this matter."

"We have said for many years that, ultimately, it's our responsibility to find our daughter if officials cannot," said Drew Kesse.

Jennifer's parents said their daughter was intelligent, driven and empathetic.

"She walked in a room and the smile came on and that was it," said Drew Kesse.

No suspects have ever been named in connection to their daughter's disappearance. Investigators said Kesse's car was discovered at the Huntington on the Green condominiums about one mile from her home near the Mall at Millenia in Orlando.

Her parents hope these records provide details into their daughter's disappearance.

They are begging the community for answers, closure and a miracle for Jennifer.

"We ask you to step forward. We know more than one person knows what happened here. We know that and we just have to touch one heart, it has been 13 years plus later, just give Jennifer the chance, not us, not her brother, not the community. It's all about Jennifer," said Drew Kesse.

"Hope is such a powerful four letter word. Nobody can take your hope away," said Joyce Kesse.