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Subcontractors complain Olympus Pools is delaying payments; one owed $72K

Homeowners can get liens when subs aren’t paid
Posted at 3:44 PM, Apr 28, 2021

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. — Olympus Pools continues to dispatch work crews out to customer projects in Pasco and Hillsborough Counties after an I-team investigation.

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In Pete Sessions' case, a crew and cement truck arrived hours after investigator Jackie Callaway contacted the pool company.

Cristina and Doug Mooney say workers sent by Olympus Pools returned to their home days after contacting Jackie.

"We did have a crew that came out to check the gunite and make sure it was thick enough, and we are supposed to be getting a delivery," said Cristina.

It is only a dent in the amount of work customers across Tampa Bay say is needed to complete their pool projects. And now Olympus Pool customers may have more to worry about than the eyesore sitting in their back yards.

Now sub-contractors are turning to the I-team for help collecting money for jobs they say were completed in February and March.

"We have shown up multiple times, and we've never gotten paid," said sub-contractor Aaron Allen, who owns Paver Solutions.

He says Olympus Pools owes him for work he did in February and March.

After the I-team gave Olympus copies of invoices Allen said had not been paid, the pool contractor and Allen agreed to a settlement.

But Allen is not the only subcontractor complaining about Olympus.

Brian Wagner, Vice President of Westcoast Electric, says Olympus Pools owes his company more than $70,000 for work completed in February and March. And he said he might have no recourse other than to file liens against the homeowners.

"$73,000 is huge for us. We could potentially lose half our employees," Wagner said. "Our last resort is to file a lien. It is something we have discussed and really don't want to do."

The I-team sent Wagner's invoices to Olympus Pools. The company said it is working out a dispute with Westcoast Electric and says those invoices will also be paid.

Anytime you hire any contractor, request a release of lien stating that all sub-contractors have been paid before making the final payment.