Owner of waste disposal business arrested for illegal commercial dumping

Suspect says he paid $100 a load to dump trash
Posted at 6:51 PM, Feb 16, 2017

Hillsborough County deputies have arrested a man for a major illegal dumping case.

It’s in connection with a story the I-Team broke on Monday.

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The day after our story ran, county officials inspected the site and sheriff's deputies arrested the suspect.

Robert Rogan owns two waste container businesses. He now faces a felony charge of illegal commercial dumping.

Detectives say they saw Rogan empty more than three dozen 40-yard dumpsters onto the property, which is actually someone's back yard.

The trash included rotting food, construction debris, old furniture and other garbage. 

Deputies say when they confronted Rogan last month, he admitted paying the woman who lives on the property $100 a load to dump there and he agreed to clean it up.

After our story this week, county inspectors went back to the site, saw Rogan had not made progress and arrested him.

The dump is near two housing complexes, where hundreds of residents have complained about bug infestations in recent weeks as a result of the dumping.

The county will put out bids for the cleanup effort, which is expected to cost up to $250,000.

Work should begin in the next few weeks and for now, taxpayers will foot the bill.