I-Team: Safety warning, voluntary recall for popular pistol among law enforcement

Local Law Enforcement are impacted
Posted at 11:32 PM, Aug 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-25 23:32:09-04

There is a safety alert for police, deputies and gun owners in Tampa Bay.

The I-Team discovered a gun manufacturer who supplies pistols to local law enforcement is voluntarily recalling its guns. This after a multi-million dollar lawsuit was filed.

The Sig P320 is a popular pistol amongst law enforcement. We found the voluntary recall is affecting officers and deputies here in Tampa Bay.

Tampa police has 1,375 of the Sig P320's. The city spent more than $340 thousand on them ($345,445.96 to be exact).

The Pasco Sheriff's Office has 748. They got theirs for free in a swap.

Recently gun manufacturer Sig Sauer's reps warned consumers of a possible safety problem.

The company states on their website, "recent events indicate that dropping the P320 beyond U.S. Standards for safety may cause an unintentional discharge."

Their announcement comes after a Stamford Connecticut Police officer filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit. The SWAT team officer claims in the lawsuit that he was loading his SigP320 into the trunk of his car, while it was holstered, when he dropped it and the gun went off and shot him in the leg. The Stamford Police chief removed all of the Sig P320's from that department.

The lawsuit points out in Sig Sauer's safety marketing materials it states,"the P320 won't fire unless you want it to."

On Youtube, gun enthusiasts have been testing the P320's. In several tests the gun went off multiple times.

"It came somewhat of a surprise to us we haven't had any issue with the weapons really," says Pasco Sheriff's Captain Tait Sanborn.

Pasco deputies set up their own test. They dropped the gun nine different times, and it didn't go off once. The deputy even fired the gun 3 different times to make sure it still works and it fired properly.

"That doesn't mean it didn't happen for them but it just didn't happen for us," says Capt. Sanborn

Even still, all Pasco deputies were notified of the possible problem. He says Sig agreed to replace all 748 of their pistols with brand new ones including upgraded features.

Capt. Sanborn adds, "we're working on the documentation now and expect to have that in place in the next 4-6 months"

In Tampa, police officers have also been notified. Sig is expected to replace all of their guns as well. But spokesperson Steve Hegarty says, "we have somebody who has been in contact with the manufacturer on a constant basis" 

If you own a Sig P320, Sig Sauer is fixing them for free. They have specific steps for you to take ont heir website:


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