I-Team: Hillsborough Firefighter and Outlaw faces Battery charge after biker brawl

Posted at 6:55 PM, Nov 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-17 17:40:07-05

Authorities issued an arrest warrant for a Bay Area Firefighter following a biker brawl in a Key West bar.

Clint Walker is a known member of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club. He's also a member of Hillsborough County Fire Rescue.

Officers say he's in the middle of surveillance video showing that brawl. It happened at Rumor Lounge in Key West in September during a Poker Run Biker event.

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Police say a group of 15 Outlaw Motorcycle Club members started a brawl after an argument.

Catarina Deeney was DJ'ing that night.

"Everybody kept saying what just happened? What just happened?! Several were hurt, I'm surprised I didn't get hit." she says.

Bar surveillance video shows several people fighting wearing Outlaws MC jackets, vests and shirts. They throw punches over and over again. The group hitting at least 4 bar employees and customers.

While outlaws consider themselves a club, Law Enforcement defines them as a criminal gang.

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"I feel like maybe they were looking for it,  ya know like they were just waiting to have that opportunity to be able to start a brawl." Deeney says.

Key West police issued a warrant for Battery for Hillsborough Firefighter Clint Walker who admits he's an outlaw. Police say Walker is seen throwing several punches on video.



The I-Team talked to several witnesses who all say it all started after an argument with an African American woman. Those witnesses say a different outlaw told the bar owner to get that "n" word out of here. The owner said she could stay and that's when punches started flying.

"Chairs are being thrown in the air, and people are being punched, and there's blood everywhere."

The bar owner suffered from several injuries. The other 3 hurt say they were trying to break up the attack, then they were jumped.  At one point one man picks up a chair and slams it onto someone.

The I-Team has done several stories on Walker after a St. Pete officer tazed him in a nightclub after police say he was being combative. He was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer and later those charges were dropped after the officer was captured on video acting aggressively. Now Walker faces this new charge in Monroe County.

"The fact that they were injured for really no apparent reason, makes me extremely angry. Extremely angry." says Deeney.

The I-Team spoke with Walker about the incident. He says,  "no comment".

His attorney is looking into it. Hillsborough County Fire Rescue Administrators are also looking into it, and tell me they will take appropriate action after further review.


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