I-Team: Local woman sues Lumber Liquidators

Posted at 6:37 PM, Mar 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-10 01:10:51-05

A local woman is suing Lumber Liquidators, the company under fire accused of selling toxic flooring.

According to her attorney Felipe Fulgencio, it's the first local case scheduled to go before a jury.

Brenda Archer spent more than $1,700 on her Lumber Liquidators floors in July 2014 before issues with the company surfaced.  

Shortly after, Brenda said she started having heart palpitations, low energy and respiratory problems.

"My breathing is definitely worse!" she said.

After learning the company was accused of selling floors with high levels of formaldehyde she contacted Lumber Liquidators.

They sent her a free air quality test kit. She said the results showed high levels of formaldehyde.

Barbara then claims the company wanted to conduct a 25 minute phone interview. That's when she became suspicious, so she called attorney Felipe Fulgencio, who had her home independently tested.

"We had it tested and the levels are six and a half times over what is safe to live in," Fulgencio told the I-Team.

"Oh it's really upset me," Archer said. "He said it was very high, and he recommended me to move out."  

Fulgencio has been flooded with phone calls from local people with similar complaints.

"Almost daily we're contacted by someone who has had some sort of issue with Lumber Liquidators flooring," he said.

They filed a civil suit in Hillsborough County Court.

In his complaint, Fulgencio states, Lumber Liquidators "has knowingly concealed and suppressed information
regarding the unsafe formaldehyde levels in its products from Floridians."

"It's clear to me now that they knew the formaldehyde levels were extremely high, and they chose to sell it just the same," Fulgencio said.

"Maybe they'll do something and give me the money to replace my floors because I don't have it," Archer said.