I-Team: 2 HART Managers suspended

Posted at 6:50 PM, May 20, 2016

Two high level managers at HART are on paid administrative leave... all after the I-Team started asking questions.

Ebony Clemons is HART's manager of risk. She's in charge of evaluating workers comp claims, she has access to employees' social security numbers, private medical  information, and she investigates "fraud and criminal activity" within the company.

But the I-Team found she's facing criminal fraud charges herself.

In January, Clemons was charged with public assistance fraud, a felony.

According to court records, between 2013 and well into 2015, Clemons  failed to report her employment while collecting more than 14 thousand dollars in “excessive food stamp benefits”. 

In her food stamp applications she made no mention that she works for HART. Clemons makes more than 74 thousand dollars a year at HART. Since January she kept working as risk manager.

Sandra Morrison is HART's spokesperson.

The I-Team asked, "For someone accused of fraud who's in charge of investigating fraud, why keep her in that role?"

"We took immediate action once we found out.  Its just ya know there's steps you have to take to go through the review process and get to where we are now." Morrison answers.

It wasn't until just a few days ago HART placed Clemons on paid administrative leave.

Morrison says HART's CEO Katherine Eagen first found out about the arrest in April. She says Clemons notified her immediate supervisor, Dara Chenevert, in January, but Chenevert never ran it up the ranks. 

"Ms. Chenevert did not inform other folks within the agency that being the CEO." says Morrison.

Chenevert makes more than 115 thousand dollars a year and is supposed to be looking out for the safety of employees in her interim role as chief business enterprise and safety officer.

Prior to that she was harts director of HR. Just a few days ago Chenevert was also put on paid adiministrative leave.

HART officials say they're still investigating and will be looking at any possible cases that may have been compromised under Clemon's review.

So far they say there's no indication of that. We reached out to both managers in question, they did not return our phone calls.