Hurricane Matthew impacting flights to and from Tampa International Airport

Posted at 5:25 AM, Oct 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-04 10:09:19-04

As Hurricane Matthew’s outer bands started slamming Jamaica and southwest Haiti on Monday, much of Florida fell under the storm’s "cone of uncertainty."

Governor Rick Scott has declared a state of emergency as folks across the state prepares to possibly be affected.

At Tampa International Airport flights are already being affected with a number of flights to the Caribbean canceled.

Southwest Airlines is warning customers that service could be affected over the coming week. Plenty of passengers at TIA are concerned. ABC Action News spoke with one man headed to Cuba. He was unsure if conditions will allow him to make it.

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"We believe it's going to hit the east side of Cuba and we're going to the west. So we go from here to Cancun and when we get there they'll let us know if we can take the plane to Cuba," said Hector Teran.

A number of passengers have already been affected by this storm. ABC Action News spoke with passengers just in from Puerto Rico who were stuck there following severe weather and power outages that delayed their flight.

Forecasters with the National Hurricane Center report computer models continue to shift Matthew’s track westward after three days, putting much of Florida in the cone of concern.

Those passengers who were stuck in Puerto Rico are simply hoping to avoid more rough weather in Florida.

HURRICANE CENTER | Tracking Hurricane Matthew

"We got in late last night. We were stuck at the airport, so we didn't here about all the emergency stuff. We heard from our cab driver and that's not a good surprise to have. We're hoping we get out in time," said Felicia Smith.

Emergency officials say that this is a good reminder for people across Florida to always be prepared during Hurricane Season. Stock up on those essentials like bottled water, non-perishable foods and flashlights.

As far as flights are concerned, airport officials state that passengers should check the status before arriving.