Hurricane Irma continues to disrupt lives in Florida, more buildings condemned, families uprooted

Frostproof condemns 11 apartments damaged by Irma
Posted at 11:22 PM, Sep 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-21 23:22:19-04

Sunday will mark two weeks since Irma buzz sawed her way up the spine of Florida. Some residents who thought their homes were OK just got the bad news that their apartments have been condemned.

Residents tell ABC Action News they expected management at Elkhorn Apartments in Frostproof to be more proactive in the cleanup and getting the word out that they needed help. But, some people told us workers at the complex operated by Franklin Asset Management dropped the ball.

“It is frustrating because it seems like the people who need the help the most are unable to get it,” Martha Neher said. Neher’s sister lives in the federally subsidized housing. She said her sister never had any issues because she was able to bring her food and get her to safety.  Others, weren’t so fortunate.

“I knew there were still people in need but I didn’t realize the actual damage to this apartment complex,” Austin Gravley said. Gravley is a Frostproof City Councilor for Seat 2.  

“I’d been in here a couple days serving hot meals and no one really said anything,” Gravley said.  

On Wednesday, Gravley went into a unit where a husband and wife were living amongst the debris that and destruction caused when their ceiling caved in. Gravley said he couldn’t believe people were still inside.

“Were these people abandoned by their property management,” Michael Paluska asked.  

“It seems like it it seems like somewhere along the way the ball was dropped,” Gravley said.

We reached out to Franklin Asset Management but still have not heard back.

Residents were told they have to be out by Monday.

“I don’t want to move. I don’t have any place to go. I got like two bucks in my checking account,” Marcia Forsett said. The Red Cross offered Forsett a place to stay and everyone else who needs shelter.  So far, no one has taken the Red Cross up on their offer. But, now that she has to move Forsett said she plans to tomorrow.

“Thank God for the Red Cross,” Forsett said.