Grocery store clerk saves couple from scam

Posted at 2:11 PM, May 19, 2016

A northeast Ohio town is recognizing a working woman in their city who went above and beyond for a couple who seemed to be caught up in a money scam. 

The North Ridgeville, Ohio police department reported on Facebook that an elderly couple walked into a Giant Eagle grocery store in the city to send money through Western Union. 

Officials said the couple was lucky enough to cross paths with Miranda Ulisky, a woman who worked at the grocery store.

Ulisky saw that the couple wanted to send more than $2,000 to Chile and she began to ask questions.

Apparently, someone called the couple and told them that their grandson was in jail in Cleveland and needed to make bond. The couple wanted to help the grandson, not realizing they were involved in a scam. 

Once Ulisky figured out the couple had been scammed, she refused to give them the money order and contacted North Ridgeville Police Department. Sgt. Matt Gorski responded and confirmed Ulisky's suspicions. 

"Giant Eagle could have easily taken the couple's money and taken their share for the money order, but they didn't. They didn't because they employ people that care about their community. Both Giant Eagle and Miranda should be commended for saving this elderly couple from becoming victims today," North Ridgeville police said in a statement on Facebook.