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Free sprinkler program can reduce your water bill

Posted at 12:29 PM, Dec 06, 2017

While your holiday shopping probably consumes most of your budget this month, don’t forget to account for you water bill. We’re just getting into the dry season, and watering your lawn can get pricey.

But, some counties and cities in our area offer a free program that can save you big in the long run. 

Ever wonder if your irrigation system is doing more harm than good?

Jack Overdorff, Equal Land Design, does an evaluation of new homeowner Jen Johnson’s system, and installs a rain sensor too, all free of charge, compliments of the city of St. Petersburg.

"I know it’s free who wouldn’t want to do this," says Johnson.

You find a lot of problems doing these sprinkler evaluations. We found sprinklers spraying the neighbors lawn, broken pipes and bad seals. 

"The seal on it is leaking, but you can actually direct it onto the grass by simply turning it," explains Overdorff. 

Bad efficiency means wasted water.

"We found out about the Sensible Sprinkling Program through the city and thought it would be a great opportunity for us to learn about our irrigation system as we’re doing this landscaping in our yard," says Johnson.

Pasco County and the City of Tampa offer it as well. St Pete uses Overdorff, who’s also a landscape architect, and officials tell us not enough people are taking advantage of the program.  

"With this we can become way more efficient with how we are watering, make sure we have sprinklers in the right places, and when we do put in new landscaping it will thrive and be a good addition to the community looking nice," says Johnson.

Want to take advantage? Check out these links to see if you qualify.