Judge denies lighter sentence for Lakeland teacher who admitted to having sex with students

Posted at 10:37 AM, Nov 29, 2016

The Lakeland teacher who admitted to having sex with several of her students will stay in prison for 22 years. 

Jennifer Fichter was back in court on Tuesday to fight for a lighter sentence, but a judge denied the request.

Drama also unfolded just steps outside the courtroom where Ficther's mother got into a feisty exchange with one of the victim's parents.

"Is your son alive? Is he alive?" She yelled at the victim's parents. "My daughter is not. You have taken her life away."

Fichter's mother was then pulled away by other family members.

Tempers flared for a few more moments before both went their separate ways.

The tension came after an emotional day in court that included arguments for why the defense felt she deserved a lighter sentence more in line with other notable, similar cases.

One example: Debra LaFave of Tampa who didn't get any prison time.

Robert Norgard, Fichter's new attorney, also called a doctor to testify and explain how this kind of behavior from a woman is because of emotions and not typically predatory in nature.

The state disagreed with that theory, and it appears so did the judge. He kept with the original 22 sentence that he handed down back in July 2015.

Fichter worked as a teacher at the Central Florida Aerospace Academy in Lakeland.

She admitted in court to the sexual encounters and during her sentencing apologized to the court for any harm she caused.

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