Florida law firm investigates claims chemical in popular weed killer is linked to cancer

Posted at 11:06 PM, Jul 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-05 02:25:13-04

Chances are you've used a weed killer with the chemical glyphosate; some experts say it's linked to health problems, such as cancer but most of you probably haven't even heard of it.

Countless people unknowingly use weed killers that contain glyphosate, and now Florida's largest law firm Morgan & Morgan is looking into claims it may be linked non-hodgkin's lymphoma, a form of blood cancer.

Just last week, California added glyphosate to it's list of chemicals that may cause cancer. The Chemical will officially be added to the list on July 7th. 

In a phone call, a spokesperson for California's office of environmental health hazard assessment told Four In Your Corner the decision was made after the World Health Organization listed glyphosate as a category 2A probable carcinogen.

"Category 2A means there is sufficient evidence in laboratory animals and it is a probable human carcinogen," said Sam Delson of California office of environmental health hazard assessment. 

When California decided to put glyphosate on it's list of cancer-causing agents, the makers of Roundup weed killer tried to stop them. The company cited concerns with the research that linked glyphosate to cancer. 

"Monsanto sued us in early 2016 to try and block us from adding to the list," said Delson.

Despite this move by California, the Federal Department of Environmental Protection says glyphosate is safe to use.

For the homeowner Four in Your Corner spoke with the information was eye-opening, but he says he'll take his chances if it means having a flawless lawn. 

"Do you think you'll still buy round up?" said Deborah Souverain.
"Uh, probably, I like my weeds killed," he said. "I'll be more careful with it I'm sure of that." 

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