Family stuck in Tampa, unable to return to relatives in Turkey amid coup turmoil

Posted at 10:48 PM, Jul 15, 2016

The Seker family said they have to stay in Tampa four more days because of the turmoil in Turkey. They were supposed to leave Friday from Tampa International Airport to begin their journey back home, but their flight was canceled.

“We don’t know what to do,” Gozde Seker said.

She was traveling with her husband and their two children. They said their family back home in Turkey is safe, but they desperately want to get home to their country to be with them.

"First, I am shocked. I'm sad. I think about my children because it is… Everything is not clear and there is chaos,” Gozde Seker said.

The chaos erupted in Turkey a few hours ago, when a military coup tried to take control of the country.

"In Turkey, everybody is against the coup because, I mean, this is not democracy,” Cengiz Seker said.

Cengiz Seker said he is more afraid of terrorism than the military coup.

“I'm very sad about all of this. People are dying in my country basically for nothing,” Cengiz Seker said.

The Seker’s are thinking about the uncertain state of their country as they wait to fly home.

"It's bad because war is bad. The concept is bad, but on the other hand I believe that there must be some….the peace is good,” Gozde Seker said.