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Fabrica Pizza, with locations in Tampa and St. Pete, named among top 50 US pizzerias by Italian guidebook

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Posted at 6:13 AM, Jul 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-01 09:30:06-04

TAMPA, Fla. — An Italian guidebook named a local pizzeria among the top 50 in the United States.

The guidebook said Fabrica Pizza has a "large and bright environment" and that the pizza is "thin with a slightly crunchy crust and the consistently fresh ingredients complete it perfectly.

Fabrica has two locations, one in the Channelside District in Tampa and the other in St. Pete.

On Facebook, Fabrica said it was honored to be named to the 50 Top Pizza USA list for 2022.

The guidebook's full review of Fabrica is below.

"The two venues, one in Tampa and the other in St Pete, are similar in style: the large and bright environment, the open oven, the clean décor, and the comfortable chairs. The pizza is thin with a slightly crunchy crust and the consistently fresh ingredients complete it perfectly. A note of merit goes to the swift and professional waitstaff, always very accommodating. The takeaway service is also very efficient. The pizza with chorizo is definitely a must-try."

Click here to see Fabrica's online menu.

Fabrica wasn't the only pizzeria in Florida to make the list. 0’ Munaciello in Miami came in at number five and Stanzione 87, also in Miami came in at number 34. Roostica Wood-Fire Pizzeria in Key West came in at number 46.

Not surprisingly, the list named nine New York pizzerias among the country's best.

The complete top 50 ranking:

  1. Una Pizza Napoletana – New York, USA
  2. Tony’s Pizza Napoletana – San Francisco, USA
  3. Ribalta NYC – New York, USA
  4. Razza Pizza Artigianale – Jersey City, USA
  5. 0’ Munaciello – Miami, USA
  6. Spacca Napoli Pizzeria – Chicago, USA
  7. Song’ E Napule – New York, USA
  8. La Leggenda Pizzeria – Miami, USA
  9. Pizzana – Los Angeles, USA
  10. Kesté Fulton – New York, USA
  11. Ken’s Artisan Pizza – Portland, USA
  12. Pizzeria Bianco – Phoenix, USA
  13. Jay’s Artisan Pizzeria – Kenmore, USA
  14. Ops – New York, USA
  15. Doppio Zero – San Francisco, USA
  16. Lovely’s Fifty Fifty – Portland, USA
  17. Partenope Ristorante – Dallas, USA
  18. Apizza Scholls – Portland, USA
  19. Flour House – San Luis Obispo, USA
  20. Forcella – New York, USA
  21. Pizzeria Mozza – Los Angeles, USA
  22. Roberta’s – New York, USA
  23. Pizzeria Beddia – Philadelphia, USA
  24. Mission Pizza Napoletana – Winston – Salem, USA
  25. Inferno Pizzeria Napoletana – Darnestown, USA
  26. A 16 – San Francisco, USA
  27. San Matteo – Pizzeria e Cucina – New York, USA
  28. Brick Fire Tavern – Honolulu, USA
  29. Del Popolo – San Francisco, USA
  30. Pasquale Jones – New York, USA
  31. Forno Rosso – Chicago, USA
  32. Il Forno – San Antonio, USA
  33. Pasquale’s Pizzeria – South Kingstown, USA
  34. Stanzione 87 – Miami, USA
  35. Coals Artisan Pizza – Louisville, USA
  36. Flour + Water Pizzeria – San Francisco, USA
  37. Robert’s Pizza and Dough Company – Chicago, USA
  38. Pomo – Scottsdale, USA
  39. Bufalina Due – Austin, USA
  40. Nostrana – Portland, USA
  41. Basil & Barley Pizzeria Napoletana – Colorado Springs, USA
  42. Angelina’s Pizzeria Napoletana – Irvine, USA
  43. Scottie’s Pizza Parlor – Portland, USA
  44. Cart-Driver RiNo – Denver, USA
  45. Bricco Coal Fired Pizza – Haddon Township, USA
  46. Roostica Wood-Fire Pizzeria – Key West, USA
  47. Diavola – Indianapolis, USA
  48. Spark Pizza – Redmond, USA
  49. Fabrica Pizza – Tampa, USA
  50. Craft 64 – Scottsdale, USA