Executive Director of Cair joins a legal challenge to President Donald Trump's immigartion ban

Posted at 5:42 PM, Jan 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-31 18:38:55-05

The Executive Director of CAIR, Florida’s largest Muslim civil rights organization, announced he is one of 20 plaintiff’s in a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court.

CAIR Florida files lawsuit to stop President Trump's travel ban

Hassan Shibly is one of two plaintiffs from Florida.

"This policy is not about making America safer. It is giving into fear, hatred and bigotry,” said Hassan Shibly, Cair’s Executive Director.

Community leaders and citizens surrounded CAIR’s Executive Director in a show of support for the lawsuit.

The lawsuit is dozens of pages but the message is simple: reverse the ban.

University of South Florida student Yasmine Ezzair agrees with the legal challenge.

"I completely agree with it and I think the action was necessary,” said Ezzair.

Born here,  Ezzair calls the U.S. home. But many of her loved ones are still in Syria, one of seven countries listed on the President’s immigration ban.

“They are actually wanting to come here but because of this issue they can’t,” said Ezzair.

The USF sophomore has lost sleep since the executive order. She is only 19 but she’s already an activist.  She even created “Drawings for Impact.”

She said the money raised from her drawings goes directly to help Syrian refugees.

It’s why she supports Cair’s legal challenge and the message behind it.

‘I am absolutely hoping it will bring some type of change,” said Ezzair.

But there are those who are 100 % behind the president, like Holly Holobyn. The President of the Tampa Bay Young Republicans.

"The whole point of that executive order is to take a look at people who come into this country and making sure they are here for the right reason," Holobyn said. "The ban goes to those countries that have terrorist ties."

Holobyn, like many others, has watched the protests.

"I feel everyone has a right to their opinion, first off. "But I do find it quite comical that people who are protesting are also angry about having to stand in line over at TSA for an hour or more," she said. "And they are more than willing to protest over something that they do not have the full facts of.” 

There is no word on a time line for the legal challenge.

No doubt—everyone today recognizes this is an issue, whether for or against, leading to strong feelings.