EXCLUSIVE: Driver charged with hit-and-run of 14-year-old claims innocence in jailhouse interview

Chris Try says he was framed
Posted at 11:12 PM, May 19, 2017

Behind the glass partition of the Pasco County jail, in his orange and white jumpsuit, a vocal Christopher Try proclaimed his innocence and urged investigators to find the other person of interest in the case, Kevin Wilson.

Looking directly into the camera, Try told Wilson, “I'm not doing no time for you Kevin bro, call me a snitch all you want, I'm not doing no time for you bro.”

On Monday, Try claims he was picked up by some friends at a fast food restaurant. When he got to his home at 3511 Windham Road Try said Wilson was in his driveway talking to his girlfriend. Try said his relationship with his girlfriend who is the mother of his 3-year-old daughter is “complicated.”  When Wilson saw him pull up Try claims he got scared.

“Kevin's in the mother (expletive) driveway of my house. He sees me pull up and he hauls ass, he's in the car, he's in the SUV, he spins out of control and crashes not me,” Try said. “He floored it. I don't know if he wanted to look cool or what.”

The victim in that crash, 14-year-old Johnny Walsh, was riding his bike when he was rammed by the out-of-control SUV. He walked away with minor injuries in the crash.

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As of Friday morning, two arrests have been made in the case. Try and the registered owner of the SUV, 22-year-old Samantha Maureen Henry.

Henry was arrested Thursday night and charged with filing a false police report. Deputies said she told them Try told her to file the report that the SUV had been stolen despite the fact that she knew her vehicle was involved in the hit-and-run that struck Walsh.

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Try said that’s not true.

“I heard she said I was driving I don't even know her,” Try said. “I’ve never met you in my life why would you say that? To Samantha, bro, ‘why would you say I'm driving when I've never met you in my life.’”

Troopers said Walsh and another 12-year-old that was hit by debris positively identified Try as the driver.

“They could've made a mistake,” Try said. 

Try watched the video online and knew investigators were looking for him. ABC Action News reporter Michael Paluska asked Try why he didn't just turn himself in. 

“Because I don't like talking to the police. I wasn't involved so I wasn't trying to get involved. I thought maybe they'll catch Kevin and leave me the **** out of it, cause I really didn't do anything.”