Cutting the cost of child care in Tampa Bay

Posted at 1:30 PM, May 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-23 18:30:35-04
Year after year, child care continues to be one of the largest expenses for working families.
According to, in 2015 the average cost to put one child in day care is about $190 per week. Hiring a nanny for one child could cost about $480.
At Primrose School of South Tampa, kids won't just play outside or sit in front of a screen. They'll be up, actively learning and receiving instruction from seasoned caregivers.
"We have so many years of experience in handing your baby to another mommy, that has that mommy love and nurturing," said Chelsea Chaires of the Primrose School of South Tampa.
The Primrose School could be considered the high-end of local child care, starting at about $250 per week for one child. The waiting list is about a year to get in.
For some families, child care facilities or daycare won't work simply because of the cost or because of their schedule.  
Many parents turn to family day cares run inside people's homes with fewer kids. Families will find them through word of mouth, or online, and it's up to you to check if they're licensed or certified.
For this, says parents will pay about $140 per week for one child or about $270 per week for two kids.
Other families are still looking for even smaller, more specialized care but can't stomach the cost of hiring a fulltime nanny. Now, some are choosing to "share" their nannies and the cost with a relatively new concept called "nanny-sharing."
"You would split the rate down the middle and one family would pay for instance $10 per hour and the other would pay $10, and you'd kind of land on a $20 an hour rate for two children," said Haleigh Almquist of Hush Hush Little Baby, a nanny service in Tampa.
Almquist said the benefits can be huge for families. Not only can they afford to hire a more experienced nanny, but they can cut expenses drastically.
"It essentially saves half the cost," Almquist said.
Hush Hush Little Baby places nannies with families and runs extensive criminal background checks on every potential candidate. If you are hiring a nanny or child care provider on your own, she recommends running both a federal and county background check, as well as checking the candidate's driving record.
Before hiring any child care provider, the State of Florida recommends looking them up