Crews begin improvements at dangerous Clearwater intersection

Posted at 5:56 PM, Jun 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-27 17:56:35-04

Crews are working on improving a deadly and dangerous Clearwater intersection, however, how much they do depends on voters. 

Right now workers are moving sidewalks further from Belcher Rd. and Gulf to Bay Blvd. and even adding a left turn lane. 

Greg Cutrone, with the Pinellas Co. Public Works Dept. says those are just the initial stages of the improvements the department hopes to do there. 

They’re considering widening the roads, adding more left turn lanes and increasing the signals. 

However, those major improvements are yet to be funded. 

Whether they get the money for that depends on whether voters approve renewing the Penny for Pinellas tax this November. 

County crash reports for the intersection show 426 crashes there between 2015-2016, three were deadly. 

FDOT recommended several improvements for the area earlier this year, citing the death of Doug Carey, a crossing guard who was hit and killed in 2014 at the intersection as a big reason for the need for changes. 

For now crews will take 8-10 weeks to finish the sidewalks and lane. 

If approved, county leaders will hold public meetings to gather input on what people think should be done to help decrease accidents in that area. 

The project could take until 2020 to fully complete.