Clearwater man caught burglarizing church

Posted at 12:10 PM, May 24, 2016

Armed with a screw driver, a metal pole and a pair of scissors, a burglar pried open a locked donation box at St. Cecelia's Catholic Church in Clearwater on Sunday night.

The box held just $7 in cash and a $25 check made out to the church.

The thief didn't realize a church employee was watching him on a surveillance camera, and was on the phone with the Clearwater Police Department as the crime took place, according to a Pinellas County court affidavit.

With the money and check still in his pocket, Edward C. Robinson was confronted by officers before he even left the church building on Jasmine Way.

Robinson surrendered, and is now charged with theft. He was previously convicted of theft (2006) and larceny (2005).