Reentering the workforce: tips for parents

Posted at 6:32 PM, May 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-19 18:32:31-04
Many stay-at-home parents who opt to re-enter the workforce can face road blocks when submitting their resumes. 
Sheila, a Tampa mom, has been at home for five years but dreams of going back to work. That's in part for her kids.
"Leading by example," she said.
However, like so many stay-at-home parents, she's concerned employers will see those years at home as a problem.
"If you do fill tin the gap, you know, explaining why, then you have to explain that you're a parent, you're a mom," she said.
Lisa Jacobson, a career consultant based in Tampa, says full-time parents should consider all they contribute by staying home, including any volunteering they may do with their religious or community centers or their child's school.
"These are viable items to put on a resume and be proud that you contributed," Jacobson said.
Jacobson also said stay in touch with industry leaders and former employers who may be willing to provide great resources when you're ready to come back.
"Training courses and re-certification courses," she said. "They already invested a lot of money in those people. They know they're good employees, they know what they are going to get, so they  want to help them with the re-launching program."
'Stay certified,"  Jacobson said. "Keep up your education. That always looks good when you are re-entering back into the workforce."
For some parents like Sheila, being able to go back means more independence.
"You want to feel like "me," she said.
She feels being able to return to work will set a positive example for her kids.