Collision sends cars into Tampa home, police investigating

Neighbors now demanding road safety changes
Posted at 7:52 AM, Jul 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-05 17:20:09-04

Tampa police are investigating what caused a vehicle to crash into a home in Tampa on Wednesday morning. 

The accident happened at 2200 East Bird Street in Tampa. 

Officials tell ABC Action News the vehicle crashed into another vehicle parked in front of the house and continued into the home. 

Maria Lloyd woke up to the sounds of screaming and smoke.

"I hear a guy screaming please come help me please come help me," Lloyd said

She ran to the room where her daughter sleeps, forgetting in a moment of panic that she and her son were staying with another family member.

"I come outside and this is what I see," she said. "This car is in my living room this car is in my kid's room

Now, neighbors are demanding changes after they say there have been several drivers who have crashed on their property.

ABC Action News found there have been three crashes in that immediate area in the last three years.

The evidence is still visible where a car crashed into a pole in their yard.

"I've had cars coming down that way slamming on brakes and slide sideways and hit trees and mailboxes," said Frank Garcia, who lives next door.

Garcia and other neighbors are now asking for speed tables, more signage and additional lighting to make the stop sign on Ogontz Ave approaching Bird Street more visible.

ABC Action News contacted the City of Tampa's transportation Department to ask for a road study.

The study will include an accident analysis, traffic volume counts, and other observations about the conditions at this intersection, said Jean Duncan, Transportation and Stormwater Services Department Director.

The city plans to begin the study in the next six to eight weeks, Duncan said.

The call came in around 5:48 a.m. One person has suffered minor injuries.