Another crash at dangerous Ruskin intersection, some drivers taking alternate routes

County workers are installing more driver warnings
Posted at 1:15 PM, Dec 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-01 18:04:50-05

There was another crash on Thursday morning in a Hillsborough intersection that ABC Action News warned might be dangerous, and is now proving to be.

The intersection of Shell Point Road and 24th Street in Ruskin is brand new and very busy, connecting people to Lennard High School, a local Elementary School, and a branch of the Hillsborough Community College.

The problem? The four-way road is only a two-way stop, and drivers, commuters and pedestrians all tell ABC Action News they see frequent confusion, and frequent crashes, like the one on Thursday morning. One person who works nearby tells ABC Action News that there have been 6 accidents in just a couple weeks, including 2 so far this week. And countless close-calls.

On Thursday the some county works employees were busy installing more warnings for drivers who might not otherwise realize the perpendicular traffic does not have a stop. Large warning signs, and an even larger stop sign, have been installed as well.

But many who work and go to school around here say it is not enough.

One HCC student even tells ABC Action News that she is intentionally taking a longer route to get to class to avoid the intersection.

In order for more stop signs or even a traffic light to be installed, a traffic study has to be done by the county.

After several reports by ABC Action News, the county originally scheduled a study to be done in January, but now say they have started it early, and expect the study to be completed on December 20.