Alonso teacher: my classroom is too hot to teach

Teacher said she was rushed to hospital
Posted at 5:59 PM, Jan 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-18 17:59:41-05

One Alonso High School teacher said she was rushed to the hospital after she overheated in a classroom.



At a school board meeting Tuesday evening, Hiedi Glick, an instructor at Alonso High School told district leaders last Friday she felt like she was having a heart attack and was sweating. She blamed in part a classroom says is just too hot.

Hiedi Glick said her classroom is regularly above 85 degrees.

"For two years in that room the teachers have been complaining," Glick told school board leaders.  "Nothing has been done."

Glick told district leaders her hospital visit finally prompted maintenance workers to come out and inspect the air conditioning.

"It took me being rushed to the hospital for someone to come out three days later," she said.

Some students told ABC Action News they did not notice major issues with the air conditioning and heat. Others said their classrooms are way too hot.

"The air doesn't actually work in there," one student said.

One student told us it makes it difficult for them to learn.

"It's definitely a pain in the butt," one sophomore told ABC Action News. "It really is because it would be so hot."

Glick said she pays for water out of her own pocket so students don't overheat in the baking classroom.

"It's hard to teach and keep them interested and excited when they're sweating."

Maintenance records show more than 20,000 requests from teachers, students and other district employees to fix similar issues from January-September of 2016.

The district now says they have sent a team out to inspect the HVAC situation. A district spokeswoman said the temperatures Wednesday appeared to be within normal ranges.

The district also said they have no data to support what Glick said and currently there are no issues reported at the school as described. However, the district said they will continue to do research and look into what Glick reported.