Airbnb guests to bring more than $1 million to local economy during National Championship

Airbnbs are available for as high as $3,900/night
Posted at 6:46 AM, Jan 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-06 08:13:46-05

Airbnb hosts can make a good chunk of change this weekend as thousands are expected to to travel to Tampa Bay.

There are still plenty of options to choose from. If you want to stay on Clearwater Beach for the Championship Beach Bash, 50 of your friends and family can stay at the Five Palms Resort for $3,955 per night. Do you want to stay closer to Raymond James Stadium? There is a condo available in Downtown Tampa for $2,195 per night. Or how about a Tampa Heights bungalow for $1,109 per night?

According to an Airbnb Florida report, guests will most likely make a $1 million economic impact leading up to game day - which is not surprising by just glancing at these figures. And the Airbnb host community is projected to earn $529,000 in supplemental income.

Airbnb is expected to welcome more than 1,700 guests through the platform. It's also expected that guests will contribute an additional $512,000 to the Tampa community. This figure does not include the potential extra spending for the game.

Tampa has a total inventory of 21,600 hotel rooms, according to the report, which is reaching maximum occupancy as of Friday morning.

Other listed prices for this weekend include:

  • A Downtown Tampa loft apartment for $900/night
  • A South Tampa home for $1,275/night
  • A South Tampa condo for $850/night
  • A Clearwater Beach home for $995/night
  • A Pass-A-Grille beach home for $1,500/night

There are more affordable options such as a South Tampa townhome for $170/night or a Clearwater Beach studio unit for $105/night.

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