A community mourns a Tampa store owner murdered in broad daylight

Posted at 6:53 PM, Jul 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-17 19:45:41-04

A little boy, about eight years old, walked down the street with his mother and two older siblings. They were making their way to their neighborhood store on 29th street. Except, the store is closed on a Monday.

"I loved him because he was so nice. He used to give us candy," said Adren McCray.

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He recalled the memories he has of Mohamoud Ibrahim, the owner of the store as they paid their respects. Others were coming and going as well, dropping off flowers and notes.

The 60-year-old store owner was a stronghold in his community before being shot midday Sunday during an armed robbery.

But thanks to the in-store surveillance, detectives were able to catch the man they believe killed Ibrahim. 24-year-old Christopher Sheffield was arrested near an apartment complex the next day.

And while detectives arrested Sheffield, they have yet to find the man that robbed and shot Ibrahim almost six years ago in 2011. Ibrahim survived that shooting taking a bullet to the shoulder. This incident was captured on in-store surveillance, and detectives still hope to find the man.

"He stayed away a couple of weeks but came right back, like nothing happened," said Cedrick Troupe. Troupe has known Ibrahim since he was a young boy.

Troupe lives down the street from the convenience store, still in awe of what happened.

"Senseless killing for nothing over a couple dollars to take someone's life," said Troupe. "It is not worth it."

Young Adren is still "sad and upset because he was a really nice man to everybody," not understanding how anyone could pull the trigger on a kindhearted individual.

Action News reached out to the family, but they told us they are still too distraught to speak.