Startling video released from school bus vs. semi-truck crash in Pasco

FHP: Driver cited for failing to yield
Posted at 11:15 PM, Jan 18, 2017

Startling new video has been released from the school bus vs. semi-truck crash in Pasco on Monday.

Video shows a bus aide fly out of her seat during the impact.  Another angle shows driver keep control and bring the bus to a stop.




A Pasco County mother is grateful her two children are OK after their bus was hit by a semi-truck on their way home from school.

The accident happened in the intersection of SR 52 near the the I-75 overpass on Tuesday afternoon.

“I was crying I was thinking that we weren't going to go home and I got scared a lot,” Dayanara Aguilar said. 

The nine-year-old elementary school student said her brother, 8, was also on the bus and was screaming when the crash happened.

“The window broke and the front part of the school bus broke too,” Dayanara said.

Florida Highway Patrol cited David Dunlop for failing to yield. Dash cam video released by another trucker on Facebook shows the semi-truck pull around another car and then directly into the path of the school bus.




A total of five students were on the bus. None suffered serious injuries. The bus driver, Fermana Villa, did not want to talk on camera. A bus aide was transported to an area hospital for minor injuries.  

After watching the video, Dayanara’s mom, Adriana said she was grateful her children weren’t more seriously injured.

“I love her a lot, she is my everything. Both of them are my everything,” Aguilar said. “Thanks God that nothing happened to my daughter and my son.”

Dayanara said she is still riding the bus and looks forward to the day when the bus aide and the driver are back on their regular routes.

“I miss them a lot they are like my family they are really nice and everything,” Dayanara said.

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