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14-year-old's mobile gaming business booming during pandemic

Posted at 6:51 AM, Aug 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-24 07:51:41-04

A local teenager's mobile video gaming theater business is booming during the pandemic, it's basically a party on wheels!

Stephon Sanders, 14, is a mogul in the making. He's the owner of “Street Gamez," a custom mobile video game trailer.

The trailer has seven TV's, five inside and two outside. It also has built-in WiFi, air conditioning, a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at each TV, a Wii, and two Nintendo Switches. It also has an inflatable movie theater, complete with comfy inflatable couches allowing Sanders to turn any yard into a movie premiere.

We caught up with Sanders recently while setting up for a neighborhood get-together.

With the pandemic putting all of us on lockdown, Sanders' business is booming! His mom, Tiffany Autumn Bell, is amazed just watching her son.

“He’s put a lot into it. I’m actually surprised every day how dedicated he is to it,” she said.

Sanders handles it all: The bookings, set up and clients.

Bell says owning his own business had been her son’s dream for years. Last year when the Army veteran returned from a 29-month deployment to Afghanistan, she asked her son what he wanted for his birthday, and he said to own his own business. Bell made it happen.

Now, this young entrepreneur has big plans for his future.

“I want to branch out in the community, out of state — like have multiple trailers for others and be able to get multiple events at one time,” he says.

No doubt, he'll do it. His motto — Don't just play the game, change it!

If you’re interested in contacting Sanders this is his website.