Local GOP offices respond to North Carolina "firebombing" incident

Volunteers, staffers asked to be vigilant
Posted at 9:29 PM, Oct 16, 2016

Police in Hillsborough, North Carolina are investigating a suspected fire-bombing at a Republican Party office.  Investigators say it looks like a bottle of flammable material was thrown through a window at local GOP offices.  A neighboring building was also vandalized with explicit language.  Republican leaders there are calling it a "horrific attack of political terrorism."

That fiery attack is now raising questions about safety at campaign offices nationwide.

Deboarah Tamargo's put in a lot of hours making phone calls and doing everything she can, hoping to persuade voters.  She calls the "fire-bombing" of a North Carolina GOP office devastating, but doesn't see it as a reaction to some of the controversy in Donald Trump's campaign.

"This was not an intent to kill anyone, but obviously an intent to deter the volunteers from getting out the vote," Deborah Tamargo, Hillsborough Co. Republican executive committee chair.

There has been some concern of violence sparking as voting begins, but GOP leaders insist the attack in North Carolina won't stop efforts of countless campaign workers here.

"We will not be deterred, distracted, you know.  Those things are like the pot holes.  You just kind of go through them and accept them," said Tamargo.

But she has talked with staffers and volunteers about their personal safety, especially since many of them are working 'round the clock in the final days before the election.

"I did ask the offices today if they could just increase their security measures by just being more alert.  Make sure no one goes outside alone after dark," Tamargo said.

Months ago, local Democrats and Republicans coordinated a safety strategy.  And they carefully plan security measures before every event.  As the election draws closer..both sides can hoping there are no more attacks like the one this weekend.

Political leaders are also hoping local police take incidents like campaign sign vandalism more seriously because those kinds of actions could escalate into more serious actions like that fire-bombing in North Carolina.