Woman trying to save duck with arrow through it

Posted at 5:13 PM, Apr 28, 2016

There is a duck that has been waddling around the Riverside Heights neighborhood for more than a month with a red arrow through its body. 

Brandee Miller, has seen the duck with the arrow through its stomach while dropping her kids off for school along N. Riverview Avenue. Just a few days ago, she was even able to capture the duck on video. 

For weeks, she has been trying to get Fish and Wildlife to do something about the duck, but was told there's nothing that can be done. 

"When you see on the side of the road, a duck with an arrow straight through it, that nobody will help, that's insane," said Miller. 

FWC told us that if they trap the duck, they will have to put it down because of regulations. 

The duck is a Muscovy and is considered a nuisance animal. 

Miller says she was told if the duck was a full Mallard, something could be done because its protected.

"So, because of the different color of its feather, nothing can be done?"

Since Miller can't get help from authorities, she's decided to start a petition and raise money by selling T-shirts to pay for a trapper and veterinarian to remove the arrow. 

To see the t-shirt and what Miller is trying to do, click here.