Tampa woman searches for possible sister, Lisa

Posted at 5:24 PM, May 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-30 17:24:48-04
A Tampa woman is working to uncover a family secret that may help her learn more about her father's past. 
Diana Patterson Lipke said she is going public with her search for a possible long lost sister because she has tried for six years by herself. 
"I believe I have a long lost sister, that we have the same father," said Lipke.
In a post to social media, Lipke posted this:

When I was a kid about 10/11 years old I found 2 pictures colored out of coloring book and they read "To Daddy From Lisa"

When I asked my dad who she was he told me "nevermind leave it alone it's in the past" so I did not ask again until I was in my twenties I got yelled at and was told the same thing so I didn't ask again until I was almost 40 and he was on his dying Deathbed and when I asked him one l...ast time he really yelled at me and told me the same thing I asked him "so you are going to take this to the Grave with you and he said yes"

I have spent years searching for my long lost sister that I've never met she is approximately 42 - 44 years old. Born between 1972 - 1974 her name is LISA (not 100% sure of her last name ) but I believe we have the same father Ronald (Ronnie) Patterson and he was born/raised in Landrum, South Carolina. Moved to Tampa, Fl 30+ years ago.... After H.S. he went into the Navy, after completing his active duty, he spent 28 years in the reserves ( where he mostly went to Jacksonville and Gulfport,Mississippi). I know he spent sometime working in Chicago, Illinois before moving to Tampa. 

Lipke said she now has to piece it all together. 

"Any small detail, maybe I can put the puzzle together once and for all."

Lipke lost her birth mother when she was younger, and her step-mother, now aging isn't able to tell her. 

"I've been told there's only one other possibility that might know anything, that was my dad's life long friend from high school, but he has since passed, too."

Lipke hoping for the pictures and post to be shared to help her know a piece of her father she never got to know while he was alive. 

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