Tampa PD arrest 13 men for sex acts with 12-year-old boy

Police: Child met them online
Posted at 6:31 PM, Dec 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-13 18:31:49-05

Tampa Police arrested 13 men accused of sexual acts with a young boy. According to police, the child made profiles on certain websites used by adults. 

"He was communicating with hundreds of people through these sites." Sgt. Lisa Parashis, TPD said.

Sgt. Parashis says police started investigating the case after the child's mother told them her son may be having sex with older men for money.

"The child was 12 when we started this investigation. He was probably about 10 when this began." Parashis said.

Police wont say what websites and adult apps the child was using, but police believe he communicated with 996 adult profiles.

"Some of them were innocent people just chatting with him. They didn't know who he was." Sgt. Parashis said. "Many of them have turned into a criminal investigation."

According to police, many of the men would exchange money, drugs and cell phones for sex. 

"The child actually had numerous cell phones." Parashis said.

Many of the men would also exchange naked photos via text and over the internet with the child.

Police say they found a private facility to give the child the help he needs. He is still going through therapy.

The investigation into more online profiles will continue for some time.

"He was chatting with almost 1,000 people. so we have to look into each individual profile to see if there is a criminal element to that." Parashis said.

Below is a list of the people arrested with their dates of birth. Click here for their mug shots. 

  • Marcus Acevedo, 9/4/1995
  • Christopher Block, 2/12/1987
  • Paul Burgos, 2/1/1963
  • Anthony Cusamano, 4/16/1984
  • Stanley Davis, 11/2/1984
  • Dennis Hite Dick, 11/23/1955
  • Phillip Evans, 1/29/1989
  • Marion Jones, 12/15/1979
  • Mikka Johnson, 5/27/1979
  • Blerim Ljena, 9/6/1972
  • Leopoldo Mari, 7/11/1963
  • Nathaniel Prince, 2/9/1960