Petition aims to keep Trevor Dooely behind bars

Posted at 8:24 PM, May 02, 2016
A woman whose husband was killed in 2010 at a park has started a petition to keep the man convicted of the crime behind bars.
Trevor Dooley was convicted of improper exhibition of a dangerous weapon or firearm, open carrying of a weapon, and manslaughter with a weapon for the death of David James. As previously reported, the argument between Dooley and James started over a teenager skateboarding on a basketball court. Dooley is serving an eight-year sentence.
Recently, the Second District Court of Appeal issued an opinion in the case after Dooley filed a petition. The opinion could soon reverse his manslaughter conviction and Dooley could be granted a new trial. According to the State Attorney's Office, the opinion does not become final until this Friday and the Attorney General's office could ask for them to reconsider.
"We spent many years working with this, trying to get him into jail to begin with and just the fact that knowing that he had a chance to get out and live a life again just makes me angry," Danielle James said.
Danielle James witnessed the crime. She was 8 when her father was killed. She is now 14 and she said she would like to join the military like her father. She said she has a message for the people who will decide Dooley's fate.
"I'd basically say imagine yourself there (and) what you'd be feeling if you saw somebody…or imagine yourself as being the kid and he's your dad," Danielle James said.
Kanina James, David's widow, started a petition on to try to prevent Dooley from becoming eligible for bond if he is tried again. She said she is not worried about the outcome of a second trial.
"With a new trial, with a new judge, he could potentially be sentenced to the max, which he should have gotten the first time around," Kanina James said.
If you would like more information about the petition go to its page on
ABC Action News reached out to Dooley's attorney for a comment and we are waiting for a response.