Man troubled by abandoned bag at TIA

Posted at 7:39 PM, Apr 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-01 19:58:04-04
Abandoned luggage inside a box at Tampa International Airport left a local cab driver concerned about what it was doing there.
Tim Fasano stopped by the airport on Wednesday for work when he found luggage inside a box left alone by a trash bin. Fasano said in his 21 years as a driver, he has has never had to try and report suspicious activity at the airport.
"And as I was looking at it, I heard the intercom overhead state if you see something suspicious, report it. So I said, man, this is unattended luggage."
Fasano said when he went to report the luggage he could not find anyone to tell. 
"I didn't know if I should call 911 at this point," he said.
Fasano said he had to go looking for help, and eventually found a help desk.
"She followed me over to the package and goes whoa, whoa."
TIA officials tell us security responded to check up on the bag and later determined that a United Airlines employee left broken luggage inside a box to be taken to the trash. Something that is not protocol for the airlines.
According to TIA, you may not always see security or TSA authorities and that is because they are likely in a different area of the airport or helping someone else. If you need to report anything find anyone with a badge or airport employee. 
The airport also said they are aware of the picture and investigated it thoroughly like any circumstance. They tell us they do not have any security issues.