Daycare devastated by storage facility fire

Posted at 5:52 PM, Apr 15, 2016

A massive fire at a public storage unit facility in Tampa impacted at least 150 units, according to officials on the scene.

Firefighters opened units at a public storage facility at 8421 Hillsborough Avenue in Tampa on April 4, trying to determine how many units were involved in the fire and trying to stop the blaze from spreading.

Officials said only "Building E" was affected.

The Field's Daycare facility kept their belongings in one of those units.

"Everything is a total loss," said Christopher Fields.

He said his family kept toys, cribs, and learning materials in the facility to help support their daycare center that has been operating in Hillsborough County for more than twenty years.

"Kids get tired of toys so we keep them in their and then cycle them through," said Fields.

He said the family does have some insurance on the facility, but since no cause has been determined that process has been slow. 

The fire department says there were no sprinklers in the building, but also noted that sprinklers aren't required based on the building's specs.

Officials do not suspect foul play.

You can help the daycare by donating to their GoFundMe page.