Hatchimals may be in stock before Christmas holiday

Beware before spending hundreds online
Posted at 5:08 PM, Dec 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-05 17:08:57-05

The hunt for the most popular toy this season is becoming hopeless for some after they waited in line for hours for the Hatchimals toys.

Toys R Us locations got a shipment in on Sunday, Dec. 4th for the popular toy, but sold out with their voucher tickets before the store even opened.

"I was there at 5:30," said Vivian Zans of Tampa.

Zans was at the Citrus Park location to get a Hatchimals for her five-year-old cousin, "my aunt asked if I wanted to be part of a Christmas Miracle."

Zans was around the 55th person in line, but by the time the voucher tickets got to her, they were gone.

"Now it's just a personal mission for me," she said.

However, like Zans, don't lose hope yet because there will be another chance to get your hands on a Hatchimals before the Christmas holiday without spending hundreds of dollars online.

In an email Monday, Toys R Us corporate press office said their stores will continue to receive shipments of this incredibly hot item.

However, the company could not give us an exact date for when the toy will be back in stock.

Target's corporate office also told us by email they're working to meet guest demand and they'll continue to replenish inventory throughout the season.

You can check with your local retail store and expect long lines as the next shipments arrive. The first person in line for the December fourth shipment was at the location at 10:30 Saturday night in Citrus Park.