Grow house bust half mile from Orient Road Jail

Posted at 5:49 PM, Sep 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-28 17:49:21-04

Hillsborough County Deputies arrested a man they say was growing marijuana in his home on Orient Road only a half of a mile away from the Orient Road Jail.

Deputies say 24-year-old Lyan Gantes Hernandez had 2 rooms with 83 plants and growing equipment inside.

"This is the first I've heard about it and it's shocking to me," neighbor Jack Copley said. "That's a huge operation."

Deputies first started looking into the home after TECO reported electricity being stolen. On Tuesday morning, they searched the home, finding the marijuana and growing equipment.

"Nice guy, would never thought anything." Copley said.

Copley adds, he really wouldn't expect the grow house since they live so close to the Orient Road Jail. There are deputies constantly driving up and down his street.

We timed the drive from Gantes Hernandez's home to the jail, it took 1:20.

"You could walk there." Copley said.

The walk takes approximately 12 minutes.

But drugs and drug trafficking aren't that uncommon in that area. According to country crime maps, there have been 80 drug related crimes within a mile radius of the grow house since January. More than 30 of those crimes were related to drug trafficking.

Gantes Hernandez is being held on $31,500 bond. He is facing charges for producing marijuana, drug trafficking, grand theft and possessing marijuana grow equipment.