Frontier users stuck in contracts despite issues

Posted at 4:26 PM, Apr 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-19 17:11:14-04

Frontier Communications will hold customers to their contracts during the integration that has left people in the dark.

The switch to Frontier Communications from Verizon took place April 1, and ever since some customers have lost coverage for their land lines, internet and television services.

Frontier said they are not letting people out early unless they pay the early termination fees.

Here is a statement we received:

"The same terms and conditions apply. All customers will be eligible for service credits on a case by case basis. Being out of service is obviously not good and we apologize and regret every instance where we have not met expectations — that will be factored in to the service credit situation. We are working daily to improve the experience for customers who have had issues during integration and we hope they will provide us with the opportunity to earn their trust going forward."

Right now, Frontier says less than one percent of its customers are being impacted by the integration. 

Susan Halligan owns several Smoothie King stores and was left without internet for her business for nearly three weeks. On Friday, she cut ties with Frontier as she bought new service through Brighthouse. 

"To this day I'm still waiting for someone to come out," she said.

Halligan said she followed the proper steps and requested a work ticket since the outages started a few weeks back, but no one has come to help.

"I had to disconnect to run a business."

She requested her service to be turned off immediately, but was told it wouldn't be until the 27th before someone can come and uninstall all the equipment that is harnessed to the wall. Frontier said right now their priority is getting their customers up and running. 

As for paying for services without any connection, most carriers have language written somewhere in the contract that states carriers don't guarantee availability of wireless networks.

Brighthouse is offering to buy people out of their contracts up to $240.