Florida woman safe in Haiti as she finalizes adoption of daughter

Posted at 5:15 PM, Oct 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-05 17:15:38-04

Floridians in the Caribbean islands are forced to ride out Hurricane Matthew as flights in and out of the countries are canceled. 

Vicki Poff spoke with ABC Action News via Skype on Wednesday about the destruction left behind, "we're fine," she said. 

Poff is on the island to finalize the adoption of her ten-year-old daughter, "we're just waiting for our Visa appoitment."

The Central Florida woman was with the Salvation Army when she met her daughter. 

In a Facebook video, Poff shares updates with friends and family about their safety.




Poff said cell reception has been slim since Matthew hit. 

"The internet is really, really bad."

The Florida woman was out of the hardest hit area of flooding like south Haiti, "I was prepared for that, we had our bags packed if we needed to come up on the roof," said Poff. 

A Tampa woman is also stuck on a Caribbean island. Maliha Shakil is with her boyfriend in the Bahamas where flights were cancelled ahead of Hurricane Matthew. 

Shakil and her boyfriend Sheharyar Memon updated us via Twitter saying they were evacuating to a shelter at the resort. 

Matthew has started hitting the southern Bahamas with 120 mph winds.