Family, friends mourning three people killed in I-75 crash

Ronald Green II, kids Ronald III and Sariyah died
Posted at 4:43 PM, Nov 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-08 01:57:09-05

We're now learning more about a Polk County dad, and his two children, who were killed in a fiery crash this weekend.    

A photo snapped early Sunday morning with three friends, was taken just minutes before Ronald Green II's life ended.

"They say live every day like it might be your last, I'll never forget this weekend ever," said Ryan Robinson.

Ronald and his partner Tiffany Young were enjoying date night at Yucatan Live in Brandon. Ryan Robinson was performing his comedy act there, and passed around the microphone, getting the crowd to sing lines from classic songs. When Ronald, also known as RG got the mic, he stole the show.

"He just starts talking. He doesn't sing a lick! So I just said, you know what, let me just bring you on stage," said Robinson.

The two joked back and forth. RG gave a shout out to Tiffany, and the other comedian performing Saturday night, Marlon Maxwell, who was a friend and college classmate.

"He was one of the highlights of the show! Forget the singer we had. Forget the poet we had. Forget the other comedian. Forget me. That guy--he was just a big teddy bear with nothing but love," Robinson said.

Robinson was stunned to learn RG and Tiffany's car crashed on their way home from the club, with their five-year-old son Ronald III and nine-year-old daughter Sariyah.

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"Life is shorter than you know," said Robinson.

Troopers say Ronald green was speeding on I-75, passed a couple cars, then lost control. Investigators think alcohol may have also played a role.

The couple's Maserati flew over the median, landing onto Woodberry Road below. Ronald and Tiffany were not buckled up, and were thrown from the car. Ronald and the two kids, who were in child restraints, didn't survive. Family members are telling us Tiffany's now heavily sedated and doesn't know her whole family is gone.

"Just praying for his family. It's a sad day," said Robinson.

Grief counselors are helping students at Spessard Holland Elementary in Polk County where Ronald was in kindergarten, and Sariyah was in fourth grade. The school says they were happy kids with beautiful smiles.
Sariyah walked her little brother to class every morning and loved to show off her hula hoop skills at recess. Ronald loved the school playground slides.

Their principal, Melody Butler, saying in a statement, "They will be greatly missed, and our thoughts and prayers go out to their family members and loved ones."

Three roses are laying at the crash scene, and loved ones now hope Tiffany can manage to heal from this horrific tragedy.

Right now, there's no word on funeral arrangements for the three victims.