Flights to Brussels suspended from TIA

Posted at 3:49 PM, Mar 22, 2016
Officials with Tampa International Airport say they have heightened security in response to attacks in Belgium. 

Emily Nipps, spokesman with TIA, said passengers can expect to see extra TIA officers, TSA agents and police canines. 

Nipps said the airport has not requested extra law enforcement agencies to help with security, but they are in constant contact with federal authorities. They plan to add more security, if needed. 

According to the Associated Press, authorities in Europe and beyond have tightened security at airports, on subways, at the borders and on city streets after this morning's deadly attacks on the Brussels airport and its subway system. The flight tracking service Flightradar24 says more than 200 flights to Brussels have been diverted or canceled.

TIA has no direct flights to Brussels, but a United Airlines flight was set to leave Tuesday afternoon for a connecting flight to New Jersey before heading to Belgium. 

Nipps wants to remind passengers to check with their airlines before departing. The airlines that have canceled flights advise you to claim a refund from their websites. 

She also said to plan more time because of more people with Spring Break, construction, and extra authorities.