Suspect's sister told him to drop his weapon

Posted at 11:24 PM, Apr 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-08 00:22:30-04
A Hillsborough County Sheriff's Corporal and deputy are currently on administrative leave after a shootout between them and a suspect.
The suspect is 21. Authorities have not released his name.
They said he was shot in the legs, but would not say how many times. This happened off Streamside Drive in a Carrollwood neighborhood. 
"The guy still had the gun in his hand. He pointed (it) at the deputies. They told him to put it down and he wouldn't," Juan Campos, who lives in the neighborhood, said.
HSCO was dispatched to the area around 2:13 p.m. about a domestic disturbance.
According to them, it involved the suspect and his girlfriend's father. The sister of the suspect did not want to say what the fight was about.
"I don't feel like answering that. I'm sorry," Jizuette Rodriguez said.
Rodriguez said she told her brother to cooperate, when the sheriff's office responded to the scene.
"I got close to him and I told him to drop (his) weapon and then I just….remember I went down like I covered my face, my head, and everything and I ran toward the tree," Rodriguez said.
Authorities said the suspect did not comply with their orders and shot at the deputies with a stolen handgun, forcing them to hide behind their own car.
"These deputies were extremely lucky they were not struck. They were both wearing their vests fortunately," Colonel Donna Lusczynski said.
Rodriguez said her brother suffers from emotional and mental health issues.
"I love him and I''ll (stand) by his side whether…whatever it is. I still love him," Rodriguez said.
Col. Lusczynski said the suspect was previously charged with domestic battery in a separate case years ago.
As of this afternoon, authorities said the suspect was in stable condition.
HCSO continues to investigate. The corporal on administrative leave has more than 20 years of experience. The deputy has 7 months of experience with law enforcement. Before that, he worked several years with detention.
"We couldn't be more proud of their actions in this. They acted responsibly," Col. Lusczynski said.