Daycare teacher arrested for breaking in and assaulting man

Posted at 7:51 PM, Jul 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-19 19:52:32-04

A 31-year-old daycare worker is in jail for breaking into a home and attacking a man. According to Hillsborough County Deputies, Robin Lyons, a teacher at Step Ahead Academy, was one of four people who committed the crime.

"Somebody had to provoke them, to mess with them to make them mad," said Maggie Lyons, Robin Lyons mother.

According to Maggie Lyons, Robin Lyons was at her home on Cobia Drive with her sister and two men. They were all in an argument with a woman over the phone. They loaded into a car and drove nearly 20 minutes to that woman's apartment.

"To talk to her," Maggie Lyons said.

When asked why they assaulted someone she responded by saying, "I don't know. I stayed at home."

According to the victims, the group kicked in their front door. A male roommate, who was not involved in the argument over the phone, was attacked. He was hit in the head and shoulder by one of the men. He claims he was also hit by Robin Lyons.

"I would not have expected this from her because the children love her. Everybody loves her. She has five kids of her own. That's really totally out of her character,"  said Kayla Hayes, a co-worker at Step Ahead Academy.

Hayes says nobody at the pre-school was aware of the arrest. She also said Lyons worked with children ages five to 12.

The facility director told us over the phone that Lyons has never shown violent tendencies, adding that she had plans to terminate Lyons' employment.

According to county licensing officials, if Lyons is convicted or pleads no contest, she will no longer be allowed to work in a daycare facility.