Coffin with 3 bodies stolen from Ybor cemetery

Posted at 1:19 PM, Jan 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-14 17:34:07-05
Grave robbers struck a mausoleum at the Italian Club Cemetery in Ybor.
Investigators said someone broke into one of the mausoleums and stole a coffin with three bodies inside.
"They broke, this is my grandmother's name right there," said Charlie Spicola.

The tomb is broken open and his family name in marble is smashed.

"Disgusted with some mankind," said Charlie Spicola.

It is not known when the crime happened because the cemetery has little traffic. 
The stolen coffin contained the bodies of Carlos Spicola, who died in 1914, Maria Giuseppa Spicola, who died in 1913, and Giarolmo Spicola, who died in 1935. 
Charlie Spicola is the founder of the Tampa Rough Riders. He says the mausoleum held the remains of his grandmother, grandfather, great grandfather and aunt. The grave robbers took his grandmother's skull and the remains of his aunt and great grandfather. The only tomb still intact is his grandfather's.
Police said a second coffin was also broken into.
It belonged to Rosalina Spicola, who died in 1975. Her skull was taken, but not her body. 
The mausoleum has damage as a result of the theft.
Police are working on tracking down suspects and a motive.
"You could assume they were looking for jewelry or something buried with the dead, but then seeing that two small caskets are missing and one has been looted, they may be people with even worse intentions," he said.
"You gotta be weird to go in a cemetery and go in a mausoleum. You gotta be awful weird -- got some weird beliefs," said A.C. Spicola.

TPD is investigating and told ABC Action News the crime is a felony.

The property is marked with a sign that says it's under video surveillance.

The Spicolas say they will fix the family tomb, but what they really want is their family members back together where they've rested for decades.

"A witness that was here visiting saw, (said) it looked like it was a lookout, so they knew what they were doing," said A.C. Spicola.