5 kids, animals removed from Hillsborough home

Posted at 5:15 PM, Jan 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-04 17:15:42-05
Hillsborough County deputies are investigating what they call a  deplorable case of child and animal neglect.
Five children, six dogs and a cat were all removed from a house on Drycreek Drive north of Town ‘N’ Country.
"You couldn't even barely walk in the door yourself and be in there in a matter of minutes without being overwhelmed with the ammonia smell and the overall disgust," said Larry McKinnon, Hillsborough County sheriff’s spokesman. "When you see these children in that condition it really makes you angry."
The outside of the home is no different. The lawn is overgrown. There's trash, junk and children's toys piled out front. Windows are broken. Standing down wind, you can smell animal feces and urine.
Three of the children are 3-years-old or younger. Deputies said they were covered in filth. What food there was in the refrigerator was moldy or covered in insects.
"The babies were without diapers, without pants at all," McKinnon said.
The woman in charge of their care (deputies will not release her relationship to the children) is 31-year-old Pricilla Armario. She was arrested on five counts of child neglect.
"We've taken the children and taken them to a safe environment. 
We seized the dogs as well to try to get them some help, too," McKinnon said.
According to neighbors, the home belongs to Armario's elderly parents, who also live there. Neighbors said they're good people, but too old to keep up with their daughter, the five children and all of the animals.
The animals are currently being assessed by a veterinarian. McKinnon said they will more than likely be put up for adoption or sent to a rescue.
Armario was released from jail Monday afternoon.