New Year, New You: Quick Beauty Fixes

Posted at 11:29 PM, Jan 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-04 23:32:05-05

We all want a quick fix to look our best and some people are using new skin procedures to get there.

Four fixes the skin savvy are signing up for in 2016: the beauty gun, fat melter, hand filler and micro-needler. The chair of dermatology at USF Dr. Neil Fenske said some new procedures can make your skin look 10 years younger.

"You want something that's going to make you look better, with minimal risk that's reasonably cost effective," Fenske said.

Skin NV in South Tampa is the first center to launch the Beauty Gun. They said this is a five minute procedure that shoots high pressure CO2 and a serum into your skin.

"That high pressure and low temperature really activates the ingredients immediately," Jessica Bull, esthetician and medical assistant at Skin NV, said.

There's no downtime, and each treatment is $300.

A slightly more painful and expensive treatment, Kybella, can melt away a double chin.

"It breaks down the fat that's there, once it's injected it just kind of like dissolves the fat," Cheri Morales, nurse practitioner at Skin NV, said.

Dr. Fenske said it's a safe procedure.

"I'm only going to inject where the fat is actually located," Morales said.

You'll swell up for a few days, but that helps tighten skin. The first treatment is $750, and you could need up to three treatments.

For people who think veins in their hands are revealing their age, there are Radiesse hand injections.

"So it builds the thickness of your skin and also hides all the little tendons, all the vessels," Denise Merdich, a nurse practitioner, said.

Next, you sit on your hands, using your own weight to mold your hands. It is $700 per syringe and lasts about a year. Plan on one syringe per hand.

If you're looking for tighter skin, the newest technology at Skin NV is Endymed 3-Deep. It uses 25 gold plated needles to re-texturize the skin. It will run you $700 each session.

"We're able to address multiple layers of the tissue at once," Bull said.

Before you do anything, Dr. Fenske recommends asking questions, so you get the best bang for your buck.

"Which ones of these treatments are going to give me actual benefit and which are going to be a feel-good moment?" he said.

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