Four habits making your allergies worse

Posted at 6:52 PM, Mar 25, 2016
If you've been feeling allergy symptoms lately, it's no surprise, we're in an El Nino weather pattern creating even more pollen than usual.
But you may not realize there are four every day habits that could be making your allergies even worse. 
1) Stop making your bed.
Dr. Eric Buete MD, Medical Director at American Family Care Urgent Care Pinellas Park, said dust mites could be clinging to your sheets. 
“When you make the bed you’re tucking those dust mites into your bed and letting them stay there and letting them reproduce and multiply," Dr. Buete said. 
He suggests airing them out instead. 
2) Stop eating some fruit, like bananas, melon and tomatoes.  They could give you an itchy mouth.
“Proteins in these fruits mimic or look like ragweed to your immune system and that can trigger this allergic response,” Dr. Buete said.  
3) Ditch your contacts. They can make your eyes red and itchy.
“Most contact lenses are porous they breathe and so pollen can go in and out of your contact lenses and get trapped in the lens," Dr. Buete said. 
4) Cut the alcohol.
A Danish study shows every extra glass of alcohol you drink per week increases your risk of allergies by 3%.
Dr. Buete said that's thanks to the yeast.
“It’s not something most of us think about especially when we’re only talking about one extra drink a week,” Dr. Buete said.
Remember, if your symptoms continue to get worse, see a doctor as soon as possible.