Demand grows in Bay Area for delivered groceries

Posted at 5:15 PM, Sep 16, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-16 17:15:45-04

Some of us visit the grocery store several times a week. But having to set foot inside the store is becoming a thing of the past with a growing demand for delivered groceries.

In New Tampa, Sarah and Matt Gregory are first time parents, learning that going anywhere with their baby, Liv, is a challenge.

“She is three weeks old,” said Sarah Gregory, “There is so much baggage that comes with her so I try to take her out of the house as rarely as possible.”

So they are checking off their grocery list through the mobile app, Shipt. The delivery company uses personal shoppers to find a full range of items from Publix.

Noralee Kroll is shopping for the family. She typically delivers the goods within an hour after an order is placed.

“We have cold items, we have some produce and meat stuff. And the important stuff for this one, the diapers,” said Kroll.

The Gregory’s have the yearly $99 membership, which gets them free shipping on orders over $35.

Customers can opt instead for a monthly fee of $14.

But Shipt does charge a little more for each item you buy, usually it’s $5 extra for every $35 you spend. is a similar service.

The upside? It goes to any store you want and also searches a coupon database. The downside? There is a shopping fee that varies based on how much you order and a delivery fee that ranges between $15 to $35 dollars.

Target is jumping on the delivery bandwagon too. It’s testing a grocery service in the Minneapolis area right now using the Instacart app.

Wal-mart is also testing pickup and delivery services, but not in Florida…yet.

However Amazon has long been a go to site for families ordering non-perishables.

Although groceries delivered to your doorstep costs more, the Gregory’s say the convenience outweighs the hassle of going up and down the aisle with an infant.