Former Tampa Sergeant accused of defrauding Tampa Police

Posted at 6:30 PM, Jul 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-04 18:30:27-04

The State Attorney's Office says retired Tampa Police Sergeant, Francis Jensen, obtained the personal payroll number of a current officer and used it to get personal information about citizens.

The documents say he would call dispatch while posing as the officer to see if they could run a license plate number for him. He called 5 times between January, 2016, and March, 2017 and received information from dispatch twice, according to the charging documents.

Tampa Police wouldn't say what the information was being used for, but believe it had something to do with his current job. Since retiring from TPD in 2003, Jensen has worked security for a shipping company based out of Michigan called Central Transport.

"It's not anything that's highly classified or anything like that. In fact, it's information you (a reporter) could probably have access to if you went through the proper channels," TPD Spokesperson, Steve Hegarty, said.

Hegarty couldn't say how exactly Jensen came across the other officer's payroll number, but says the department has made some changes to their policy to make sure similar incidents don't happen in the future.

Jensen referred us to his attorney who had no comment. Central Transport had no comment either.