Flu Season: When is the best time to get a Flu shot?

Posted at 11:24 AM, Oct 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-06 18:09:19-04

October is the start of flu season and even if nobody around you is sick that may not be the case for long. And the question you may have while trying to find time in your schedule to get a flu shot or get your kids vaccinated is when is the realistic time to get or later. 

Good Morning Tampa Bay anchor Deiah Riley talked to doctor Zeina Takieddine from Bay Care Medical Group and her advice is to find the time and do it now.

"The best time to get the flu shot is before the virus starts circulating, in our part of the world the flu season begins in October," said Dr. Takieddine. "The CDC recommends that most people get vaccinated by the end of the month in October."

After getting the vaccination, it takes about two weeks for your body to get prepared to protect you against the flu.

It's important to note that the shot won't stop you from getting the flu but it will lessen the severity of if it.

This year doctors are watching for two new strains.

"So the influenza vaccine this year does contain a new strain of influenza A, that they predict will be more active this year. Also the CDC has identified an influenza B strain that mutated from last year. It is not included in the vaccination that was created for this year so it remains to be seen how active that virus will be this flu season, " Dr. Takieddine said.

Many people last year opted for the flu mist instead of the shot. This year, a lot of places aren't even offering the flu mist after the CDC determined it's not as effective.

So whether you choose to get your shot now or later in the month the important thing is that you get one. Flu season can last through May, peaking in December.